MARKUS JERGER is a Swiss Entrepreneur, Historic Real Estate Developer, Counsellor, Member of the Board of a variety of high performing companies, thinktanks, influential associations and business organisations.

Over the past 30 years, Markus Jerger has developed a solid global business experience in a variety of sectors and has formed successful relationships with international corporations and organisations.

In the past the Jerger family’s activities comprised the industrial manufacturing of clocks and time measurement instruments, (JERGER TIME INDUSTRIES) the development and licensing of patents, trademarks and distribution rights, and the restoration and reconstruction of properties of historic significance. He has invested both time and important funds in the Preservation of Historic Monuments, some dating back as far as to the 10th Century.  

He serves as member of the board, acts as an adviser to investors, business owners, real estate and land owners, or as an neutral and independent counsellor to a family.

Markus Jerger held leadership positions and exclusive partnerships with the International Olympic Committee, the Kempinski Hotels & Resorts Group and was member of the Supervisory Board of Colony Capital´s renowned LaTour Medical Group in Switzerland.

He is a visiting Professor for ‘Leadership and Entrepreneurship development’ at a fine selection of private and state universities, including the UNECON State University of Economics of St Petersburg and has served the educational board of the International Center Lomonosov University in Geneva (now MGIMO Geneva), Switzerland of which he holds a honorary professorship. He also lectures at corporate leadership-, strategy, sales and marketing conferences.

During the past 30 years, Markus has trained, formed, motivated and inspired personalities and professionals alike :

  • CEO’s, Presidents and Boards of Management – “The Spirit Development” program 
  • Sales Executives – to achieve the i.m.possible 
  • Marketing Teams  –  to expand ‘visions beyond borders’
  • Artists, Personalities, and Sportsmen  – with ‘The subconscious Power of your Mind’ 
  • Business Owners – to expand ‘Business beyond the limitations of Courage’
  • Re-Starters and New Opportunity Seekers –  10’000 Days left – What matters to you in LIFE?
  • Students and our future Leaders – to bridge the gap from ‘your Education to  ‘your Corporation’

He is the current CEO of the BVMW – German Federal Association for Small and Medium Businesses – MITTELSTAND, and is also CEO of INTERNATIONAL MITTELSTAND ASSOCIATION which brings together more than 900,000 companies from all business sectors. The association operates some 350 regional offices in Germany plus 50 international representative offices and has a workforce of some 500 staff, experts and specialists.


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