22 Sep 2023


The company origins date back to 1866 when Wilhelm Jerger invented, developed and produced alarm clocks and precise time-measure instruments, as well as hundreds of other ideas, patents and products.

The Jerger company is also known as pioneers of headphones, loudspeakers, precision regulators and cable connectors under the trademark ‘ADJ INDUSTRIES’ in the early 1930s.

– 1866 –


Jerger Clock’s history is especially interesting today because around 1900 there was a dispute in the German horolitas about which firm, Jerger or Junghans, had first made Amerikanerwerke (American type movements). Jerger proved the first, and the Grand Duke of Baden awarded family the Löwenorden (The Order of the Lion) for their services to the country. Until today the family´s crest includes a lionhead.

The Jerger family is still known today as the 19th century inventors, pioneers of alarm clocks, industrial producers and world-wide merchants. At present, the trademarks, patents and licences are supervised by the 5th generation of the family.

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