Compulsory vaccination instead of a worst-case scenario: Company worried about a new lockdown

With drastic warnings, medium-sized businesses and retailers are looking at a possible new lockdown in view of the rising number of corona infections. The Federal Managing Director of the Federal Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Markus Jerger, speaks of an “economic super-disaster”…

2G for access to the company?

Jerger from the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises called on politicians to absolutely prevent an impending corona lockdown. He told the German Press Agency: “If businesses and retail had to forcibly close again during the all-important Christmas business, we would have an economic meltdown: Entire sectors would be affected and a large number of medium-sized companies would not survive a renewed lockdown economically.”

For the companies it follows that the 3G rule must be strictly controlled or 2G must be introduced – that would mean: Access to companies only for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. “In plain language: employees who do not want to vaccinate, with the exception of medical exceptions, must then feel the consequences of their actions in the wage packet,” said Jerger. “Overloaded hospitals and postponed operations cost lives, and the virus does not take personal sensitivities into account.” A 3G rule for access to the workplace that has to be enforced and documented by the employer has only recently come into force.

Letter to Merkel – general compulsory vaccination required

The corona virus is once again ahead of politics, criticizes Jerger. Current and future federal governments should not lose any more time, but must act immediately and consistently. There is no getting around the quick introduction of a general compulsory vaccination. “Although this comes too late to fight the fourth corona wave, it spares people and the economy from worse. In view of the dramatic development of the pandemic, this is the only way to avert an impending lockdown.”

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Compulsory vaccination instead of a worst-case scenario: Company worried about a new lockdown