Germany to stop offering free COVID-19 testing to the unvaccinated

Germany will stop offering free COVID-19 testing to the unvaccinated.

Germany will stop offering free rapid tests to detect the coronavirus to the unvaccinated, although a specific date on which the measure would take effect has not yet been decided, the Health Ministry said.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said weeks ago that he considered it conceivable that the tests (at some point) will no longer be offered free to the unvaccinated.

Health Minister Jens Spahn

Economy Minister Olaf Scholz said: “Exceptions should be applied to those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, as well as to children and adolescents.”

Scholz also spoke out in favor of extending economic aid due to the pandemic at least until the end of the year. “No one should stumble shortly before being rescued,” explained the current candidate of the Social Democrats for the Chancellery.

When it comes to vaccines, just over half of German small and medium-sized businesses are in favor of mandatory vaccination, if this can prevent another economic shutdown, according to a recent survey.

The survey by the association of small and medium-sized businesses BVMW has shown that almost 54 percent of companies would agree to a widespread vaccination if school closings and lockdowns were avoided. 45 percent of the 2,950 companies surveyed were against it.

BVMW CEO Markus Jerger understands that “the result reflects the impotence and lack of planning of the federal government’s policy regarding the coronavirus. There is great concern among companies about the threat of a new shutdown, he added, “which would have dramatic consequences for our economy and would mean the definitive economic end for many small and medium-sized companies.”