H. E. Sergei Jurjewitsch Netschajew, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Germany and Markus Jerger, Executive Director of the German Mittelstand BVMW at his headoffice in Berlin.

SEP 2020 : Berlin, Germany. A meeting between the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Germany and the Federal Association of Medium-Sized businesses (“the Mittelstand BVMW”) was held to elaborate the increase of cooperation between companies of Germany and the business community of Russia.

H. E. Sergei Jurjewitsch Netschajew, the Russian Ambassador to Germany highlighted the long-standing friendship and cooperation between the two countries and informed the German Mittelstand about new ways to strengthen the cooperation especially in a period of complex politics, the current sanctions and the hostile Covid-situation.

US imports from Russia

While the USA and other countries have again increased their business with Russia over the past 4 years, the volumes of cross-border businesses between Germany and Russia have declined during the sanctions. It is time that Germany’s manufacturers are again better positioned in this vast market of Eastern Europe and higher market shares are regained. Markus Jerger committed to cooperate in all areas of business activities not affected by the list of sanctioned products and services. Ambassador Netschajew confirmed his assistance in facilitating such cooperation.