The State Economic Senate BVMW gathers at Castle Drachenburg

Markus Jerger, Executive Director of the
Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises of Germany BVMW

The State Economic Senate (BundesWirtschaftsSenat) of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises (BVMW) in Germany comprises some 300 family-business owners counting for 1.2 million employees and a combined annual turnover exceeding 120 billion Euros.

The appointment in the state economic senate of the largest voluntarily organized entrepreneur federation of Germany is by recommendation only and confirmed by the Senate´s board of directors.

The State Economic Senate brings together representatives of successful SMEs, Hidden Champions and Market leaders from all sectors. The Senate also includes 4 Nobel-prize laureates.

The economic senate is also the political spearhead of the federation and is engaged for value-oriented entrepreneurship and for the strengthening of the general conditions of the social market economy.

The BVMW brings together medium-sized companies from all sectors and is uniting 900.000 members in its alliance. The entire federation is operated by Federal Executive Director, Markus Jerger.