Dialogue with the Ambassador of Croatia to Germany

A dialogue and organisational meeting for the visit of the Prime minister of Croatia in September has taken place between the Mittelstand International CEO, Markus JERGER and H.E. Gordan BAKOTA, Ambassador of Croatia to Germany. The encounter followed several prior meetings with the president of Croatia and that highlighted business opportunities for German business owners in the Mediterranean country.

H.E. Gordan BAKOTA, Ambassador of Croatia to Germany (left) and Markus JERGER, Federal Executive Director of the German Mittelstand BVMW and CEO Mittelstand International (right).

German-Croatian economic relations provide a strong foundation for a prosperous future. It is particularly gratifying that the bilateral trade is growing dynamically again. At around 5.6 billion euros, bilateral trade in 2019 clearly exceeded the 5 billion euro mark. This means that it has doubled Germany’s trade in goods since Croatia’s accession to the EU in 2013. Germany is Croatia’s most important economic partner and the doors are open to German entrepreneurs to take advantage of the local markets. —