Joint Forces for Europe`s Mittelstand!

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME (Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyennes Entreprises) is a Brussels-based business federation which currently counts 20 European associations of voluntarily associated small and medium enterprises (SME) among its members, with more than 2 million enterprises voluntarily associated, employing more than 16 milion people. It maintains relationships with 11 partner associations in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Confederation’s long time president is Mario Ohoven of the German BVMW Mittelstand Association, and vice-presidents are Maurizio Casasco (CONFAPI) and Valérie Guimard (AFDEE). The Board also includes Mr. Patrick Meinhardt (BVMW) and Prof. Wolfgang Reinhard (Chairman of the CDU Group at the Baden Würtemberg Regional parliament).

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME represents the interests of its members towards the institutions of the European Union and offers services in the field of public procurement and public relations. From 2006 to 2008, CEA-PME has coordinated a research project to the benefit of SME associations, called InCaS – Intellectual Capital Statement, and following from 2010 to 2013 also the CADIC project, both funded by the Europan Commission.

Since 2015 we are lead partners of the ERASMUS+ Project European Dual System (EU-DualS) and “Mobilities for professionals and qualified employees of MSMEs (MobiliseSME)”, financed by the EaSI-Progress Programme of DG EMPL.Since May 2018 we lead also the DG CONNECT Pilot Action “DigitaliseSME”, that sends “digital enablers” to SMEs, supporting their digital transition.

The confederation focuses since 2014 on 5 thematic challenges for the interest of its member organisations:

1 – Better Access to Finance for SMEs

2 – The European Mittelstand with Europe’s Youth: Better professional training, more entrepreneurs, more youth employment and Europe-wide mobility

3 – An SME-friendly Energy Policy in Europe

4 – SMEs 4.0 – in the centre of the EU’s Digital Singel Market policies

5 – European SMEs in the World: internationalisation, foreign trade and investment

To obtain concrete results on these 5 challenges, the members have set up 5 thematic forums, organising info and policy events, promote best practices, participate to the public dialogue, and propose pilot and research projects that support related crucial issues for Europe’s SMEs.

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME is a politically neutral and non-profit seeking association.