President of Togo and Ministers-Meeting with the German Mittelstand BVMW


Markus Jerger (CEO the German Mittelstand BVMW and CEO BVMW International) and H.E. Faure Gnassinbé, President of the Republic of Togo.

20181031_130017 (2)

The delegation :

  • H.E. The President of Togo
  • the Minister of Economy and Finance, Sani Yaya;
  • the Minister of Mines and Energy, Marc Ably-Bidamon;
  • the Minister of Water and Hydraulic, Antoine Lepka Gbegbeni;
  • the presidential adviser, Shegun Bakari and
  • the Ambassador of Togo to Germany, H.E. Michael Dagoh.

The Mittelstand delegation :

  • the President of the BVMW and President of the European Entrepreneurs, Mario Ohoven;
  • the CEO of BVMW INTERNATIONAL, Markus Jerger
  • the Political Director, Patrick Meinhardt.